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Volunteer Programs


Volunteering is a great thing. In the Chinese Art Center, we welcome all volunteers who wish to help us, by joining our programs and events, who contribute to our work, and play in our team. It is important to stress that volunteering work is not for a financial purpose, it does, however, add value. It is not a secret that it is a job full of challenges, but also incredibly diverse, due to our multicultural environment. It will be worth it in the end for sure. We attract volunteers because we porvide experience and give the opportunity to spend your time on a good cause, and also personal development. An opportunity for a person of any nationality, belief, social or financial background and of any age, to contribute to a positive change through public events of the Centre. If you decide to work with us, you will gain experience in leadership, communication and management. In addition, you will make new acquaintances, and in a lot of cases, this will help you to find a paid job in the future. Volunteering gives you the chance of learning, which is also promoted by the European Union, in fact, the emphasis is on life-long learning. Many research and international experience touches upon this subject. It is also worth mentioning that volunteering includes a very wide range of activities.

For instance, a crucial goal is the education and educating of children, for them to become an active member of their society. It is an undoubtedly an advantage if they gain their first professional experince in an environment which is tolerant and helpful, where not all the responsibilty relies on them. Taking into account the ever growing unemployment figures, the social responsibilty is also becoming bigger. Many young people hit a wall at the first stages of their career. According to our experience, more and more businesses are becoming aware that by promoting volunteering, their employees` creativity, motivation has also increased. It has had a positive effect on the atmosphere in the workplace and their attitude to work.

The Chinese Art Center is organising volunteering work first of all through membership, and secondly by the Circle of Friends, mostly in the following areas of expertise:

  • translator, interpreter
  • communication, policies
  • event management, pre- and postorganisation work
  • artistic productions, choreographies
  • education
  • prevention
  • media and the press

Volunteering is regulated by the Hungarian Law. The applying rules and regulations (year 2005 LXXXVIII. Law for volunteering activities ) ths type of activity has become a burning issue. Besides giving a legal status to volunteers, the Law has also stopped numerous anomalies (eg. Taxation for volunteers) and through it has raised awareness of the importance and popularity of volunteer work in the community. Unfortunately, employing volunteers officially is not in our means, you can, however, contribute to our work as an activitst, apprentice or a member.

How to apply?

First of, become a member of The Circle of Friends of the Centre, which is free of all official responsability and is a community of lovers of the Chinese Culture. This way you can let us know your availabity and readiness for our events. So register with your ► Facebook profile, or give us a Like here:

Please help us organising even better events, without having to deal with the lack of workforce.

Join to us!




  • 翻译,口译
  • 交流,政策
  • 活动筹备、组织、管理、后续跟进工作
  • 艺术创作,舞蹈编排
  • 教育
  • 预防
  • 媒体与新闻

志愿服务受匈牙利国家相关法律条例监管并保护(2005 LXXXVIII 志愿服务活动条例)。法律不仅为志愿服务提供合法性,并以多种优惠政策鼓励此行为,如减免税收等。国家通过法律支持来宣扬、鼓励个人和社会团体积极参与志愿服务。目前我中心尚未提供志愿服务雇佣关系的可能性,可参与的方式为学徒、成员,或积极参与中心活动。