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Dear Valued Visitor! Dear Valued Visitor! The members of the Chinse Art Centre are tightly stick together by dreams and bold plans. We organize adventurous trips to the world of Chinese Arts, and the colorful scenery of our culture – where we not only can meet each other but we also can find ourselves. I am delighted that we are capable of rejuvenation. I believe that on long term a Community can create good opportunities only in case it can continuously renew itself. We consider it as our duty, beside the trustworthiness during all learning and practical activities, to maintain the continuous development of our productive community. Let me warmly welcome you, dear Reader, on behalf of the leadership and all members of the Chinese Art Centre - also let me share with you the recent progress and developments.

Learn More about ► Presidential Greeting - 主席致辞

Our Story

... it began in year 1995. Our operation has been based on the mutual respect interlocking with China since the very beginning. To fulfill the growing demands we have continually evolved, in 1999 we already worked in controlled manner. Since 2000, we have set up workshops that have developed cooperation on a daily basis with cultural institutes of many countries within a few years. Since 2003 for 8 years long we operated a live radio channel (► Blooms of China Live Radioshow), we had approximately 800 well known and respected professionals as visitors and guests. In regards to this radio program we established a good relationship to the ► China Radio International (CRI) Hungarian Department, Beijing, became and remained friends since 2004. After 2005 we shot multiple TV movies, and informative series with known Channels. Took part in productions made by China both in Budapest as well as in China. We are active participants of all Chinese events for more than 15 years: developers, formers of the cooperation between China and Hungary.

For us the most important areas are the sports, art trainings and education, however since 2010 we gained valuable experience also in planning, organizing and executing unique social programs and festivals. We aspire to remain capable of development and a cheerful multinational community: where you can attend trainings about Chinese (and Hungarian) culture which also widens your experience and knowledge to establish a richer and more valuable approach of life.


匈中文化交流中心于1995年建立,秉着文化互敬的宗旨,我们迅速发展扩大。1999年我们完善了管理模式,2000年我们第一次成功地组办了学术研讨会,并将此项目作为中心长期开展的活动之一。我们积极地与各国文化机构交流合作,将中心的活动办得越来越丰富多彩。2003年我们开办了第一个中文广播电台 – 中国之花。在接下来的8年中,我们不间断地播出与中国文化相关的内容,并有幸请到了800余名各行各业知名学者、艺术家等来节目做客,与听众交流讨论中国文化各方面的话题。通过中国之花节目,我们与中国国家广播电台建立了深厚的友情,并持续至今。2005年起,我们与各媒介合作先后拍摄了多个电视短篇、科教片、纪录片等教育性节目,在匈牙利主流频道播出,广受大家的好评。十五年来我们一直活跃在中国文化的舞台上,各种文化交流活动中都少不了我们的身影。一说起中国文化,本地的百姓首先就想到我们,把我们当作联结中匈文化的纽带。


Meeting each other is just the beginnig, staying together is walking the way.
Working together is success. 相遇只是开始,

₪ television and radio broadcasts ₪

₪ international cooperations and activities ₪

₪ eastern holidays, unique social events ₪

Our festive occasions, celebrations and social programs provide us a balanced yearly schedule, allowing us to live through habits and experiences that we might not be able to do so in any other places ever. These facilitate awareness and acceptance of cultural values, maintain a common ideology, develop and maintain the sense of community as well as stress togetherness. During the past 20 years we became proud of the diversity, our common goals that bring and keep us together. Also of our day by day work, which here on the „Hungarian Chinese border” became widely known and were born everlasting values.


节日庆典等社会活动充满了我们的年度日历。通过举办这些活动我们不断积累经验,寻找更好的方式将中国文化传递给广大民众。最初几年大家对中国了解有限,对这个遥远国度的文化的态度是好奇远观。 随着人们对活动越来越熟悉,有更多人积极主动参与进来,并转告给许多亲朋好友。人们逐渐接受了中国的文化价值观。通过举办各种文化活动,我们建立起一个紧密联系的集体,让每位参与者感到责任感与归属感。在过去的20年中,我们一直坚持共同的目标,并把活动办得丰富多彩,被更多人认识并接受,并称我们为“匈中边境”,为此我们深感自豪。


The Board and the Teacher's Council

Our Executive Board are deeply committed to Chinese culture and arts, as well as practicing them in the everyday life. Their profession is to represent Chinese culture, research Chinese arts, to provide and maintain a more and more extensive education. They aspire to verify cultural exchange through the activities of the Chinese Art Center. With their work they help cherishing Hungarian and Chinese traditions, personal and communal education by organizing a stable base.

Besides our executives, numerous Chinese and Hungarian teachers, masters help the operation of the Chinese Art Center. As members of the Art Center, they constitute our Teacher’s Council. They plan and conduct our art programs, intermittent trainings and workshops. Our Executives and instructors do their jobs as volunteers, because they have a strong belief that they can provide valuable, peaceful and healthy life. Their work as volunteers is the proof of the ambition of the Art Center.




The Community

The Chinese Art Center is an open organization that nowadays became a significant social cohesion. Not only average people join our programs, but also Chinese and Hungarian leaders: we work together with well-known professionals. Chinese artists, teachers and masters hand over their knowledge and experience to inquirers. Hungarian and Chinese leaders are with us as individuals, because they believe that we are more successful together. Chinese inquirers establish contact with us, as they are aware that with us they can get acquainted with the Hungarian culture, folk art and many traditionalist school of ensembles. Also Hungarians, as they can learn and study in this diverse community, to get knowledge, experience.



除了老百姓,匈中两国政要和商界精英也积极参与我们的活动,与各界学者、大师等展开生动的学术文化交流。文化中心扮演了社会凝聚点的角色,两国文化团体、政府部门,和生活工作在各行各业的百姓都能通过中心找到志同道合的朋友,让各领域的知识和经验融会贯通,加深对各民族各领域文化的了解。 中心也为年轻人提供了交流合作的平台,许多会员可以通过中心找到理想的合作伙伴,给好的创意发芽生根长成参天大树的空间。我们友情社区是致力于中国文化推广的社团。


The Friendship of the Chinese Art Center is a formal constraint-free community committed to the Chinese culture. Its members support and actively take part in our value creation activities. We count on them during planning any new programs. Help us to initiate more, better and cheering programs.




This form is recommended for those who wish to participate in our school life as practitioners in longer term. They are interested in cultural trainings, as well as they want to help and actively participate in community work. Actively take part in occasions, shows, and might feel like digging into a topic to do presentations themselves. If you are a registered member of the Centre for your active contribution you can utilize various personal benefits. In addition, besides actively helping in the daily activities, you can avail yourself of tuition-free educations in all schools and workshops of the Chinese Art Centre. You can visit all temporary exhibitions of the Center free of charge, and can get discounted tickets for any partner programs. In all cases we also expect you in exclusive occasions, you can receive (inside) information from our newsletter about.




The Chinese Art Center alumni program brings together current and former practitioners, members - providing an opportunity for contacts and networking. The graduated practitioners can track the progress, and career of their friends, educational and professional work of the Center, as well as providing information about new educational programs and events. This way the Center can support and provide technical assistance to new programs, and able to support building of active personal relationships with graduates, current practitioners, educators and professional partners. We are confident that the practitioners continue their relationship with us - former teachers, their masters - ► as a valued member of the Chinese Art Center Alumni Community (匈中文化交流中心的校友社会) by regularly returning to the Centre 's programs, contributing to further strengthening of the Centre-, the Hungarian-Chinese community, social relations and its reputation.




We are building a ship. We invited you not to chop wood, but to make tools, and carry out
certain tasks. We offer you a place on the board, to discover the distance together.

Partners, Followers


We can make it only together, we are much more together! We believe that common goals bring people closer to each other no matter which side of the planet they were born. Culture is ours, it comes from us humans, and it makes us what we are, determining how we spend our time on Earth. We are continuously looking for new contacts with those people who think the same way as we do or the other way round. Come along with us!

只有共同努力才会成功,团结起来力量才更强大!我们相信,共同的理想可以联结不同的民族,即使是出生在地球的两端,艺术也可以牵起你我。文化是属于全人类的 – 我们创造了文化,又生于文化。无论是志同道合,还是持不同见地的朋友,都欢迎加入匈中文化艺术交流中心。