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Creating a more coloured World! In the realization of our goals we are fully committed to the Chinese culture and arts. Our mission is to promote co-operation and support programs related to arts. We believe in mutual trust and long- term cooperation, we are working in this spirit. We believe that people who love and respect culture can make the most for the future and the development. Our everyday work strengthens relations and cultural exchanges between the two countries. We seek a deeper and clearer representation of Chinese culture and arts while creating professional groups, educational and training communities as well as schools. As a charity organization besides recreation, health promotion and preventive sporting activities - the artistic trainings, adn programs ensure the stable development of our professional work.

Learn More about ► Presidential Greeting - 主席致辞

Our Goals

One of our goals is mainly education and continued expansion of educational opportunities. Besides creating and operating training communities, workshops and schools together with the Chinese colony (and our partners) we produce art programs that strive to present the specialties of the Chinese and Hungarian culture and in each branch of art revealing common roots. By continuous social work we are actively supporting the multicultural creative and performing arts development – regardless of the organization and/or institution. By our free of charge education programs (sports arts training) we wish to contribute to creating and maintaining the physical and mental balance for harmful addicted people as well as restoring their healthy living.



₪ 2013 Chinese New Year Festival - Millenáris Park Main Stage

Since 2004 during our ongoing visits to China we have formed cooperation and friendly relationships with a number of non-profit professional organizations. These collaborations represent the professional background which our schools and workshops can rely on. The yearly multiple visits to China and receptions of Chinese artists delegations in Hungary represents the development possibilities for us. By that the Chinse- Hungarian friendly relations and the cultural exchange are strengthened. We are forming an International community.



  • We transmit real values and cultural features;
  • Our trainings are based on true human values;
  • We organise social events on Hungarian culture for those Chinese people who are interested in learning more about us;
  • We create and keep alive the unique triangle of „sport-clture- art”;
  • Our activities get true support in Hungary as well as on international levels;
  • We cultivate friendly relations in 10 countries;
  • We established the country’s first Hungarian – Chinese media (Flowers of China) and since then we have been continuously operating and developing it;


  • 不同文化特性的中介

  • 以人为本的集体练习

  • 举办或合作举办旨在向中国人介绍匈牙利文化的社会活动;

  • 以“体育 - 文化 - 艺术”为中心,同时协调进行;

  • 不仅局限在匈牙利的发展,越来越国际化,并得到中方的支持。

  • 与10个国家建立友好关系

  • “中国之花”节目是第一个匈牙利—中国文化媒体,成立、维护和持续发展。

In contribution

Anyone is welcome who wants to get familiar with the wonderful world and culture of China. This direct opportunity allows anyone to train and practice with us which also helps to develop our current cultural relations. The ever progressing standard of the instructions guarantee that each inquirer will find their own way to one’s personal development.

For those companies, who would like to explore their way easily in today’s Chinese society that offers more and more opportunities. As experts on Chinese habits, customs and traditions we can assist anyone with useful guidance on how to organise proper conferences, congresses and meetings. The Chinese Art Center also can make any social event official or business meeting more colorful with a large variety of professional cultural performances.

We offer our experience and partnership for those who wish to present the charming world and cultural branches of the far East with the means of the press and media too.

我们向谁, 提供那些方面的机会




₪ ZhangYu Artist, Teacher (center), Leader of our Orchestra-, and Zhang Liman (left) on the MÜPA's Main Stage ₪

not the challenges determine who we are or what we are going to be, but the way
we face those challenges. 并不是挑战决定我们是谁,我们将成为谁

We are proud...

First of all we are proud of all those people who train and pracitce with us; We together form a coherent, living community that creates several opportunities. We are also proud of those people who work with us hand-in-hand every day, to make more and more Chinese and Hungarian people acquainted with the colorful variety of our cultures.

  • We are proud of our Grandmaster, the honorary president of our association Master Zhang ErYu and his brilliant heritage that we were passed down as a unique and really precious gift;
  • The friendly relationship that we have been sharing with the Chinese Embassy in Hungary;
  • The successful cooperations with the other Chinese organizations in Hungary;
  • The free and easy friedly terms and the thorough business relations with the most important Chinese medium and Hungarian press;
  • Our live Chinese cultural radio programme, Flowers of China that will soon start its III. season, along with our other appearances in television and on radio;
  • Our successful meetings and social events that promoted the cultural exchange between the two countries;
  • Our sites (www.kinainfo.hu, www.rgm.hu);
  • Our Central Training Hall that we were given as support (CM 1.07);
  • Our presence at every important Chinese cultural- and Chinese- Hungarian social events;
  • The respect and acknowledgement. that our sport and artistic preactice sessions recieve and those practitioners who join us;
  • Our independence – and the outstanding professional support that we receive;
  • The skills of our members and practitioners and their excellent knowledge.

And finally, of those everyday trainings that like a source or a firm base, helped us to become what we are today. THANK YOU!



  • 为我们的大师自豪,为我们尊敬的张尔雨师傅,以及他所留给我们的珍贵遗产;

  • 为多年来与中国使馆建立的持续发展、深化、且不间断的友谊关系;

  • 为与匈牙利的华人社团组织的成功合作;

  • 为与重要的中国媒体,以及中国、匈牙利新闻界保持的直接友谊和工作关系;

  • 为创办了三年的介绍中国文化的现场制作电台节目:中国之花,以及与其他电视台、广播电台的合作;

  • 为协助促成文化交流关系的各种活动的成功举办;

  • 为我们的网站 (www.kinainfo.hu, www.rgm.hu, www.shufa.hu);

  • 为捐赠使用的活动中心(CM 1.07);

  • 为参加所有高层次的文化活动和中匈社会活动;

  • 为传播体育、文化的练习,以及所有加入我们行列的人;

  • 为我们的自主独立,以及所得到的重要专业支持;

  • 为被我们的成员、练习者和合作伙伴们认可的专业性,及取得的经验;

并为每日的文化、武术练习而自豪,这些练习是上述得以实现的基础及源泉。也正是通过练习,我们成为了今天的我们。 非常感谢!

Social Engangement  - 社会责任

The Social engagement is about the role that we play both as individuals and as a community by our social programs along with the commitment to the public interest. For us, social responsibility is a value that permeates all that we do. Our success will only be considered truly a success and is- only sustainable in the long run when by our educational and preventive activities we expand our knowlege, understand more the diverse customs and comprehensible cults, as well as can strenghten loyalty and tolerance. We are convinced that the only way we can become a value-creating community in case we keep the long-term interests of our society in our mind as well as in all our actions. We pay also attention to presenting our country. In close partnerships with professional organizations we encourage the knowledge sharing iof the values of the ancient Hungarian countryside, guarded treasures, and the awareness of the art and folk culture, which is increasingly important for China and for members of the Chinese community living in our country.

Social Engangement 社会责任


  • Traditional Chinese martial arts training - certified trainers, Hungarian martial arts commitee embership musical training with experienced music teachers
  • Planning, organizing and Settlement of social and community programs (more than 10000+ visitors ) art project managers , experienced professional leaders events and protoco competencies and skills wide range of media competence ( as television, radio presenter- , in leaders and assistant levels)
  • In order to build cultural relations planning, organizing and executing cultural events propagating of fun festivals


  • 在中文。。。

For Comapnies

The practitioners of the Centre hold several presentations every year in the organization of invited teachers and directed by renowned artists. During complex performances, held in front of an audience, they give an account of their knowledge, of their abilities gained along the typical grade curriculum. The performances, productions of an area (eg. stage movements , vocal and utterance , martial arts demonstrations, chamber orchestra concerts etc ) or performing complex (multicultural stage show of a given production) presentation based on several areas. In this area we grow every year. We compile the productions according to the international trends, providing experience that directly supports the knowledge sharing. As a partner, with more then two decades of experience, we support and encourage all those who intend to introduce the magical world of the Far East , as well as partucular branches of arts by means of the media , press, cultural or social events. We enrich and make mor colofful the events of companies, Institutions and schools with our art programs.



₪ Zhang Wei Master, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy School's Chief Leader and Teacher at the Budapest International Affair's Grand Opening ₪

₪ performance with Guest Artists ₪

₪ Chinese Orchestra and Concerts ₪