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Our activities continuously expends since the foundation: schools and work sites were created. Our theoretical and practical trainings are supported by recognized experts and masters. Our members successfully perform on Chinese as well as other cultural festivals and events in multi-cultural environments. Together with domestic Chinese organizations as an active community organize educational and training programs along a traditional syllabus. In our schools life long, true friendships and relationships are generated. In our educational programs the main focus is on the authenticity as well as the intermediation and transfer of the true values. We do not follow fashion. We wish to introduce and acquaint an ancient thousands years old culture by the help of International Schools and Institutions. Training community members take part in the organization of unique, multi-cultural events, thus cultivating friendly relations in nearly 10 foreign countries.#

20 years of experience provide a solid background in education. The constant practice and the beginner and advanced courses, provide an appropriate framework for value creation. The presentations and trade articles of our teachers and their advanced students generates great interest all the time. The main purpose of our work is the value preservation and value transmission along national and international collaborations. In this work it is to promote public education, exclusive arts and cultural events that has a direct impact on the Hungarian-Chinese relations. That is why it is so important the area of the media and the written and digital press, as the arts demonstrations and educational engagements broaden opportunities for the Chinese Art Centre and our community.


₪ Chinese Painting and Calligraphy School ₪

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Social Activities

Our community programs are realized in the active collaboration with our partner organizations. The basic objective is to present each arts, cultural relations-, typical and traditional Chinese sport arts to spread broader awareness and understanding. Anyone can join these programs freely, and try out the various art forms. These events provide an excellent opportunity to present the Centre's teaching activities as well.

We expand our activities to create real value; is not only the „what” is important but also the „how” we do it. In addition to thematic, traditional exercises we assist in organizing and executing Chinese / Hungarian cultural and social events, we take a prominent part. We offer a direct opportunity to all who join us that together with us learn more about China, the Chinese arts and culture and their prominent representatives.

what do we do

Due to our continuously growing experiences not just our knowledge, but our opportunities are also extending. We broaden our activities in order to create real values, not just the what but the how is also important for us. We have friendly relations with several Eastern and Chinese non-profit-making organizations, thus we are becoming the the center of Chinese culture in our country. As a community we are more and more successful in reaching our goals:

  • A deeper and purer sort of representation of Chinese culture and arts;

  • Enhancing Chinese-Hungarian friendly relations (with our partners and partner-organissations);

  • Enhancing the culutural exchange beteen the two contries, creating real opportunities to show their unique features;

Beside the traditional trainings we provide a sort of continuously growing help in organizing Chinese / Hungarian cultural and social events. For all of those joining our association we offer the direct opportunity to experience China, Chinese culture and arts and its represenatatives too hand-in-hand with us, from an extraordinary point of view.


We expend our practical training sessions with theoretical trainings, teaching lessons – sometimes with invited recognized experts, masters and teachers. Our Practitioners successfully perform on Chinse and other cultural festivals and events. The Chinese organizations in Hungary, in recognition of our skills, actively join our activities. Widening these relationships demands the need of fast and flexible adaptation, which is treated dynamically and up to date. We have proved our skills in organization-, consulting, and cultural areas also in a multi-cultural environment. As practitioners, we know and understand the challenges, and specificities of Chinese - Hungarian cooperation. In this spirit, we accomplish more and more the cultural and social needs and goals.

Find our open cultural progarms and activities on ► Facebook's EVENT menu



what do we do 我们做什么,如何去做


  • 更真实更深入的弘扬中国文化和艺术;

  • 加强中国和匈牙利之间的友好关系 (在合作伙伴和合作机构的帮助下共同实现);

  • 加强两国间的文化交流,为展示文化创造条件;


specialities 特殊性


在中文在中文在中文 ► a Facebook oldalunkon az Események menüpont alatt tesszük közzé.

Schools and Workshops

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We have established our workshops to explore and teach the interrelations of cultures. By this we enable to raise awareness to the deeper meaning of life, the importance of its relations. To understand this we need to rely not only on our minds, rationality and logic, but also need to master the intuitive knowledge. This leads to the ability that was the essence of any ancient spiritual journey. Experiencing the calming of the conscious mind, where intelligence is present, which is able to give creative answers to the meaning of life, and its relations. Besides acquiring the skills necessary to succeed in life we need to develop our consciousness as well. We believe that the real purpose of education is not only the specific skills and the information transfer, but also to show the importance of self-awareness, and use the necessary means. The calming down comes by broadening the self-awareness, resulting in the expansion of consciousness, which is the basis for all creative activity. Creativity is the greatest joy of life. Whatever you learn or teach, you must integrate the above. New opportunities appear, resulting in much more efficient learning process, that becomes deeper, and real source of joy.

what do we offer

Since its establishment the Center has been continuoulsy developing its fields of activities, offering the following opportunities today:

Sport and health-cultivating activities

  • Active training: authentic Chiense martial arts following Chinese traditions, the official representation of the 1300-year-old style called RouGongMen (The Way of The Flexible Fist);
  • Lessons and teachings in thematic order;
  • Exploring different ways of philosophy / organizing lecures and seminars;
  • Active participation in Championships (as organizers, judges, and press staff)
  • Freetime activities, camps, seclusions

Chinese cultural activities

  • Tea culture (Tea Culture Workgroup). The study and presentation of Chinese Tea culture (the history and the world of tea, explorations, experiments, teachings). Tea ceremonies. Tea presentation, not just at cultural occasions but at business meetings, events too. Organised exhibitions along with family programmes, family weekends
  • Chinese Calligraphy School. Trainings with original tools, with the guidance of masters of calligraphy Studies, lectures, seminars on ShuFa. Art exhibitions, family weekends for children and adults
  • Traditional Chinse Music (Chinese Music School). Unique and growing collection of authentic musical instruments. Lessons with respected teachers and masters. Lectures on the history of music, programmes

Cultural and Social Events

  • Introducing Chinese and Hungarian culture with emphasis on features:
  • Open, interactive lectures and public programmes
  • Round-table discussions
  • Social events and programmes
  • Calling for cultural tenders / evaluation
  • Press and Media: „Flowers of China” a live, one-hour long radio programme on culture and martial arts; Active participation in the making of Chinese – Hungarian cultural TV programmes


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what do we offer 我们提供哪些机会


体育和防病健身 (功夫学科)

  • 积极的练习:中国传统武术是以中国传统基础,拥有1300年历史的柔功门的代表

  • 论课系统教学;

  • 教授,研究哲学 / 组织教学课程;

  • 极参与比赛活动(裁判,组织方和媒体)

  • 业余活动,宿营, 远行


  • 茶艺 (茶学科) - 对中国茶艺的研究和认识 (茶文化、研究、加工、教授), 茶艺表演, 不仅在文化,而且在商业活动上进行茶艺表演,并参与组织和举办展览活动、开放周末、和家庭日。

  • 中国书法和语言 (书法学科) - 使用传统书法工具,由大师和书法师傅指导练习;书法讲座, 大大小小的文化展览、开放周末、家庭日

  • 传统中国音乐艺术 (音乐学科) - 越来越丰富独特的传统乐器收藏, 集体和个人练习/有名的大师, 音乐历史讲座、活动


  • 通过以下方式,介绍中国和匈牙利文化及其不同的特性:开放式互动讲座和共同举办的活动, 圆桌讨论会议

  • 组织社会活动

  • 举办文化竞赛/评判

  • 媒体和新闻领域:“中国之花”节目,一个小时的节目,长期性的,现场制作的介绍中国文化和艺术(武术)的电台节目;文化,积极参与制作介绍中国—匈牙利文化的电视节目。

Chinese Painting and Calligraphy School Chinese Painting and Calligraphy School founded in 2006, the first Chinese calligraphy school in Hungary. Under the professional guidance of the painter Lu Yuhua was created with the help of domestic and international artists, masters and practitioners in order to accommodate the Chinese calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting and raise overall awareness of it. Currently, under the guidance of a master calligrapher Zhang Wei carries along an educational syllabus creative activity that is easy to understand for people in the West. The Chinese Calligraphy is available in Painting School courses, seminars and courses (creative camps). Our school regularly attends social events that is why we created interactive presentations, theatrical productions and art show drawing attention through the beauty of fine arts, to the importance of the harmonious human development. Learn more: ► shufa.hu official pages!


Awakening Dragon Chinese Autentic School Awakening Dragon Chinese Authentic School authentic martial arts school, engaged in martial arts training and education first in the early 1990s based on the instructions of Eryuan Grandmaster Zhang, and then since 1995 – in a school based manner, according to Chinese tradition led by Master Gabor Xiaofeng. As part of the Chinese Art Centre, also as a member of the Hungarian Traditional KungFu and Wushu Association (► www.hkf.hu) our mission is the authentic teaching of traditional martial arts. Our trainings revolve also with art education, which is an excellent opportunity for making friendships, and Hungarian Chinese relationships. Regular martial arts retreats, seminars and training camps help the learning and the deeper understanding of the style. Our school maintains daily contact with 15 countries to support martial arts research. I is open for everyone so it expects any visitors who wish to learn, to practice the martial art as the living part of the Chinese culture. Learn more: ► rgm.hu official pages!


Chinese Music School is unique among the national music schools, its leader is the Mongolian-born Tong Gelage teacher, singer. The School houses also the Chamber Orchestra of the Centre, which processes Chinese and Hungarian songs, folk songs and re-instruments to traditional Chinese and modern Western musical instruments under the guidance of a professional artist, Zhang Yu. In recent years our students take part and perform in almost all Chinese Hungarian events. The basic aim of the rehearsal and training to develop highly skilled musicians, singers prepare them for the multicultural musical tasks, high-quality entertainment, solo and orchestra concerts, performance, and plan, organize and perform entertaining programs. The work of the School draws attention to the common roots of the ancient and modern songs. About the word of the Chinese music, and the first and unique Hungarian Chinese band led by Béla Ágoston you can read more ► theme page



  • autentic martial art – a ► Rou Gong Men Euraopean Representation
  • chinese tea culture - history of the traditional Cha Yi
  • calligraphy – footsteps of the Great Masters (styles, lifes, schools)
  • chinese music and ► singing education – traditional chinese instruments
  • performing arts (stage)

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₪ Tong GeLaGe Leader of the Chinese Music School, Singer ₪

Volunteer Program

Volunteering is a great thing. We welcome the voluntary helpers who can join and work on programs with us together. Here you get practice in the fields of leadership, organization and communication, you can broaden acquaintances, and often you can get paid job opportunities thanks to this activity. Voluntary work provides formal and informal learning opportunities, so proclaimed by the European Union's Lifelong Learning is also an important tool. The following areas provide long-term cooperation:

  • Translator, interpreter;
  • Communication, protocol;
  • Leading and executing programs (pre and post tasks);
  • Art productions, choreography;
  • Education;
  • Prevention;
  • Press and media;

Become a member of the Chinese Art Center Friendship. Help us to develop our programs in order to create even better programs!

More information about our Volunteer Program



  • fordító, tolmács;
  • kommunikáció, protokoll;
  • programszervezés és bonyolítás (elő és utómunkák);
  • művészeti produkciók, koreográfiák;
  • oktatás;
  • prevenció;
  • sajtó és média;