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Presidential Greeting

Dear Valued Visitor,

The members of the Chinse Art Centre are tightly stick together by dreams and bold plans. We organize adventurous trips to the world of Chinese Arts, and the colorful scenery of our culture – where we not only can meet each other but we also can find ourselves. I am delighted that we are capable of rejuvenation. I believe that on long term a Community can create good opportunities only in case it can continuously renew itself. We consider it as our duty, beside the trustworthiness during all learning and practical activities, to maintain the continuous development of our productive community. Let me warmly welcome you, dear Reader, on behalf of the leadership and all members of the Chinese Art Centre - also let me share with you the recent progress and developments.

It is not an exaggeration to say that China shapes history by its progressive economic development - which has a significant impact on the development of the global economic market. The Chinese Art Centre, by setting objectives during its 20 years of existence, exerts to contribute to the real mediation of cultural matters. Hungary, as a member of the European Union, economically as well as from a cultural perspective is a significant partner for China – staying ahead of many opportunities.

Now days we live in a world, where the collaboration arises not only within national frames but also based on friendships among countries as well as continents. The Chinese Art Center is a community, where we Hungarians can directly, in real, learn, experience and practice the traditional and contemporary Chinese arts and Chinese culture. Of course we also proudly present our country's values and heritage to the Chinese people living in our country. It is important to note that the Members of the Chinese Art Centre do not believe in any cultural differences and contraries. However, we believe that our western opportunities are complementary with eastern approaches. During our day to day work, learnings and exercises we strive to reveal these both point of views for all our inquirers and show them the uniqueness of the Chinese culture by the help of our community members.

The last 20 years have shown us that we discover and learn the real value of our nation during our duties. When I look back, I see only people supporting us during the past years, who had started to discover and learn the cultural relations of South-east areas of China for many years and today they already present and teach all of that. We offer possibilities for new relationships and opportunities, where everyone can find its path to his/her development, satisfaction and the way to his/her success. We can only fulfil our mission in case we make sure always create values, new opportunities for our members and friends – so thus for you, dear Reader.

The Chinese Art Center is an open community. We warmly welcome all enquirer, as we believe in that together we are more! We trust, the common goals get together people even if they were born in different parts of the planet Earth. The culture is ours, belongs to the people, it comes from us –by means of it we become those who we are and how we live in this world. We, the members of the Chinese Art Centre, continuously seek the contacts and relationships with those, who think alike or even differently. We kindly ask you to express your interest, let us get in contact with each other, let us talk – as we always welcome and accommodate all enthusiastic applicants and newcomers!

XiaoFeng CSERKÉSZ Gábor
president & CEO of Chinese Art Center - 2015








匈中文化艺术中心主席 - 2015